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Trout Hollow Trail is a walking trail that travels through private property along both sides of the Bighead River from the Bakeshop Bridge in Meaford to Riverside Community Centre on the 7th Line. Parts of the trail are an easy walk while other areas offer a more difficult course due to stream crossing and clay banks. While the trail generally follows the river, passing through cedar groves and old hardwoods, it also climbs out of the valley to pass through meadows and grain fields allowing the hiker spectacular views of the countryside.

Hikers will come across Trout Hollow on the trail, named after the industrious Trout family who built a sawmill here in the 1860's. This sawmill employed young naturalist John Muir, who later went on to become the founder of the U.S. National Park Systems. Remains of the mill and whispers of John Muir's life in Meaford can be seen along the trail, trying an incredible historic significance to the area.

The trail offers easy, moderate and difficult sections as outlined on the map. The trail is intended for foot traffic only. Parking is available at the both the trailhead on Edwin Street and at Riverside Community Centre on the 7th Line. Additional parking can be found across from the Trailhead at Beautiful Joe Park.

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