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Graze Cafe was founded by Meaford Dragon’s contestant Nia Bracken, and her husband Ted Bracken.  Both Nia and Ted, as well as their 3 children live a vegan lifestyle for health, environmental, and ethical reasons. 

Nia and Ted have always shared a passion for good food, (literally, Nia cooks the food and then they share it! LOL).  Both Nia and Ted also share a deep rooted passion for community, and are excited to bring this niche, fun, new and exciting eatery to Sykes Street. 

The rotating menu will feature seasonal recipes, pub style food, and health conscious food too, for a wide variety of flavor packed meals that are bound to wow you!  The restaurant will feature a suggestion box, giving the customers a chance to discuss their experiences and share ideas on meals they are interested in trying “veganized”.

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